Out of the Darkness and Into the Light: My Postpartum Story

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by Hallie Rogers, PCD(DONA), CLC Most of us have heard many “birth stories”: narratives parents weave to commemorate the arrival of a new baby. Typically beginning with early labor, birth stories are the emotional and factual account of how a new little human was birthed, and can be an important part of a woman processing her own agency, role, and part in that story. My husband and I have had three beautiful births, each different than the others. While we treasure our memories of those life-changing nights and days, in my experience, it’s my postpartum stories that have truly influenced […]

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A year of supporting birth adventures: A Doula’s reflection

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by Samantha Chadwick   So this week is World Doula Week. And I am just a few days away from celebrating the birthday of the first baby whose birth I attended as a doula. I am so grateful to have been invited by families this year to support them on their adventures.   And OH how far I have come! I remember nervously peeking around the corner of the wall in my house to try and watch the birth videos on my yoga DVD while I was pregnant. Now, I cry and laugh and breathe and moan alongside laboring women […]

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I am Your Doula: A Poem

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  I don’t work a typical 9-5 shift I am on call 24/7 It is not uncommon to spend a day away from my own family I get to witness your special moments and see you become a family When you are happy, I am happy When you are sad, I feel sadness too I live for that next surge and the next phase of labor I live to see the moment when you meet your precious child I put all my energy, time, tears, and joys into your special day I am overjoyed to be a part of your […]

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Journeying with mothers when you are not: Reflections from a doula without children

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by Karen Schultz, CD(DONA) In pre-natal meetings or in the early hours of labor I learn a surprising amount about my clients, and they about me.  Inevitably, our conversations turn to family, the birthing stories of our mothers, and the dreams for our own babies. There is always a thoughtful pause in the conversation when they ask, “Do you have children?” I smile and always offer the same response: “No…not yet.” It is often the case that a woman comes to work as a doula after experiencing her own labors and realizing what a benefit that extra support was or could […]

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The Path Toward the Rest of My Life: Birth Story of Identical Twin Boys

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Nothing about my pregnancy went according to plan. After nearly 12 years of marriage and completion of my clinical social work graduate program, my husband Mitch and I decided it was finally time for us to start thinking about a family. Part of me always knew I’d have twins and so when I began dreaming of twins in the 5th week of my pregnancy, I had a feeling then that something magical was happening. And when I would talk to “baby” in my tummy, every cell in my body said, “That’s not right!” So I always talked to “babies” instead, just in […]

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