Why Choose Home Birth? Part 1 of 10

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Editor’s Note: Due to the overwhelming response from families wanting to share in their own words about why they chose home birth, “Why Choose Home Birth” will be published in a 10-part series. Please explore the blog for the other posts where mothers, fathers, partners, and even a grandmother answer the question, “Why did you choose home birth for your family?”   Thank you to Emme Corbeil of Trillium Midwifery for posing this question to all the families she has served over the years.  Part one written by Emme Corbeil, CPM, LM When a woman and her partner enter the […]

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Birth Story: Emaline’s Home Water Birth under a Blue Moon

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by Kerri Rivers Editor’s Note: All photos in this birth story are from Megan Crown Photography.  Our second pregnancy was accidental. Jason and I had been indecisive for several years about whether and when to have a second child. But we were thrilled when we saw the positive pregnancy test. We knew right away that we wanted to have this baby at home. The hospital birth of our son five years earlier was a lovely and natural water birth but we couldn’t help but feel that it had been unnecessary for us to be in the hospital. So we made […]

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Birth Story: A long labor and a Thanksgiving Homebirth

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by Stacey Plasch I wasn’t expecting labor to start anytime soon, despite being 40 weeks and 5 days. I was actually looking forward to spending Thanksgiving, a mere 3 days away, still pregnant. But labor came creeping up Monday morning, and by that evening we knew it was more than just Braxton-Hicks contractions. What we didn’t expect was that I would still be pregnant on Thanksgiving, if only until noon. Despite knowing that our baby was still ROP, the idea that my labor could stretch for another 60-plus hours hadn’t even crossed our minds. Baby had been stubbornly in the right […]

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A Tale of Two Births: Fairview Riverside, mid-1980’s

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With my first daughter, I had prodromal labor for 4 days – contractions every 10-15 minutes that were strong enough to wake me.  After two false runs to the hospital, my water broke on its own with no effective labor, and  I was 1cm dilated on admission at 11AM.  I begged for meds at 8cm (I wanted to get as far as I could without) and was denied.  I remember writhing (I was on pitocin, and had internal monitoring) and rolling over to my right side and calling:  Sweet Jesus, help me.  Then I became very quiet, very still and really […]

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Birth Story: Fairview Southdale, October 1968

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The following is the birth story of Collective doula Margaret McKinley Owens, as told by her mom, Susan McKinley.  Thrilled to be pregnant again after three years since the birth of my third son,  I wanted a daughter so much.  Each of the three boys had been named “Margaret” in utero and I was still waiting for Margaret.  My pregnancy was good and mostly uneventful but, previous doctor had advised me “to be done with babies by 35” and I was doing just that. My children span nine and a half years From 1959 to 1968. I had mild nausea […]

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Birth Story: February 14, 1978, Methodist Hospital

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This is the birth story of Collective member Jess Helle-Morrissey as told by her mom. Things to watch for that are less common in today’s birthing environment: A mom who was allowed to go into labor on her own at 43 weeks, routine restriction of food and drink,  a long first-time labor that was not augmented with pitocin, inability to get out of bed after waters were broken, the use of pudendal and paracervical blocks as anesthetics,  routine episiotomy, routine separation of mom and baby, and inability of partner to stay overnight with mom and baby. How might things have […]

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The VBAC of John Gabriel

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by Kalli Huehn Before I get into the birth story of my second, I should say that my first child, my daughter, was born via c-section. She was presenting face-first, and according to our midwife it was against hospital protocol to deliver a baby face-first vaginally. Even though we desired a natural birth, we pretty much got the exact opposite of that, but in the end we still got a beautiful, healthy, plump little girl and everyone recovered wonderfully. In preparation for our second birth, we really wanted to have the all natural, drug-free VBAC we’ve been dreaming of, so […]

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A TALE OF TWO BIRTHS aka The Do-Over Birth

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by Ingrid Soderberg In preparing for what I hoped to be an un-medicated, non-augmented hospital birth for our son in March of 2004, I thought I had covered all my bases. I attended prenatal yoga classes and hired a doula. I read Misconceptions, Spiritual Midwifery, and Birthing From Within. My husband and I also attended a series of Birthing From Within classes where we explored and worked through our fears and anxiety surrounding the birth of our first child. For a variety of reasons we had decided against a home birth, but I was more than confident we could navigate […]

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