All About Doulas

This session answers specific questions about what birth and postpartum doulas do, what a typical doula package includes, and explains how doulas work with partners and care providers. Come get answers to all of your questions and have the opportunity to meet several Childbirth Collective doulas to see if doula care is right for you!

The Active Role of Your Baby in Birth

Your baby is not a passive part of labor and birth! Learn how mom and baby work together as a team to get this amazing work done. Discussion will include baby’s reflexes and movements, developmental abilities, fetal position, and how external influences can affect those inherent mechanisms. You’re not in this alone!

Birth Stories

Hearing is believing. Mothers and their partners will tell you the story of their births and how they evaluate their experience compared to their other births or to their expectations. No two stories are the same and they include all types of birth experiences. This is always an inspirational evening for parents-to-be and doulas alike!

Choices & Planning

While we cannot always control how a woman’s birth proceeds, we can always control how we care for her. Come hear what choices you do have in birth and how best to communicate your wishes to your provider and other medical staff.

Comfort Measures

This is the class where women and their partners learn how to manage labor in a safe and rewarding way, so that baby’s birthday can be a happy memory. You will see how partners and labor companions are essential in the process and can take on a variety of roles depending on their own comfort level. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice various comfort measures.

Couples: Becoming a Family

You’ve been a twosome; what are the joys and challenges of becoming parents, forming a family, learning from each other, your baby, and the relationships between/among each of us? As your family changes, your relationship changes. Suzanne Swanson, a psychologist and therapist specializing in pregnancy, birth and family issues, speaks frankly about those changes and some ways you may work to navigate your own journey.

Medications & Interventions

Being informed about all of your options plays a huge role in feelings of empowerment when your birth is all said and done. Listen to how to use your BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Next/Nothing) as well as learn about some of the most common interventions and medications offered today. This class is not comprehensive, however, it will allow you to ask the questions you need to be fully informed.

The Natural Rhythm of Labor

This session will prepare you and your birth partner to not only recognize the stages of labor but also what can be done during each stage to bring comfort and support to the laboring mama. Trusting in the process, your body, and whatever rhythm you find is key to getting your groove on in labor. You are sure to gain confidence from attending this session!

Postpartum & Breastfeeding

Note: This topic may be presented together or split into two separate topics. Bringing home a new baby creates a huge change in the life of a family, whether this is your first, third, or sixth baby. How can you prepare for a smooth transition? What affects breastfeeding success and postpartum mental health? How can friends and relatives be involved without overwhelming you during this unique time? We’ll discuss sleep, priorities, nutrition, support, healing, and more.

Preparing Your Mind & Body for Birth

Women who are healthy and low risk have options when it comes to their labor and birth. We will explore aspects of your healthy pregnancy and provide specific ideas for staying low risk with good nutrition and appropriate exercise. We will also discuss the benefits of relaxation—both in preparation for labor and during the actual event. Several techniques will be introduced with time to practice and let go of stress.

The Spirituality of Birth

Explore the relationship between your personal values and your experience of pregnancy and childbirth. This session invites parents to consider how you can incorporate your view of the sacred into the birth of your baby, and the welcoming of your child. This is a completely nonsectarian discussion, and all are welcome.

Your Amazing Newborn

Learn how bonding and breastfeeding improves the physical and psychological health of both mother and baby. Learn about your baby’s amazing sensory and intellectual capacity before, during, and after birth, and how these are related to bonding, feeding, and other forms of nurture. Basic newborn care that supports this development may also be discussed.

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