General Info
Brooke Burns
Birthworker Type
Birth Doula, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor
I started this journey with a crazy, profound love for kiddos, and wound up even more amazed by the parents who raise these tiny humans so open- & whole-heartedly. I began my career as a licensed parent educator through Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), after receiving my M.Ed. in Family Education in 2013. In this setting, I continue to work alongside early childhood professionals in supporting and facilitating groups of those in the postpartum period, their parenting partners, nannies, and other caregivers of all shapes and sizes, with anything from child development to positive discipline. Alongside my role as a parent educator, I teach prenatal and postpartum yoga at Blooma, and take on 2-4 births monthly as a DONA trained birth doula, currently pursuing certification. With my background in parent education, I also offer postpartum support & sibling doula services, as my role can expand with each family's growing needs. As for me, no little ones quite yet. I am currently on the wildly bliss-filled journey of newly-wed life and drinking in every date night, cup of coffee, full night of sleep, and craft brew as I can before parenthood comes my way. Rooting from the very tip-top of Wisconsin, in the tiny towns of Bayfield & Ashland, I enjoy all things outdoors, flannel, [both kinds of] cheesy, and brewed. At the ripe age of twenty-five, I can’t help but indulge in the elderly past times of listening to audiobooks (a non-fiction-only gal), crafting with my lady friends, and organizing the heck out of everything.
Business Name
raising simply
October 2018 and onward
Price Range
$1100 - $1299
Years of Experience
Number of Families Served
Certifications Qualifications
College Education
Solo practice
Specialized Training or Experience
Families conceiving with ART and IVF, Home Birth, Prematurity, Postpartum mood disorders, High risk, Cesarean birth, Waterbirth