Virtual Doulas

Our birth doula members are here for you in this time of uncertainty and while we know that ideally we would be by your side physically – we still have your back. This is a list of our current members offering virtual doula services for hospitals that have restricted birth support to one person only. Do not go without a doula.
Aileen Larson
Ale Falco
Ariel Ewefada
Christina Bussler
Danielle Cincoski
Denika Anderson
Emily Kossila
Erin Stertz-Follett
Erin Tripolino
Hallie Rogers
Heather Christine Struwe
Jessica Anderson
Justine Temke
Kathy Chinn
Kim Williams
Liz Hochman
Landon Yakovleva
Madolynn Duckwall
Megan Edgington
Molly Mikacevich
Nicole Bengtson
Sarah Knight
Sue Chargo
Susan Lane

Current Doula Status of Twin Cities Hospitals during Covid-19