Mission Statement

The Childbirth Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to education, support, and advocacy for birthing people and families. The mission of The Childbirth Collective is to enhance birth experiences by promoting quality professional doula support, advocating evidence-based care, and educating pregnant families and birth professionals who support the wellness model of perinatal care by creating spaces to connect with the community, and each other


The Childbirth Collective originated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, occupied Dakota Territories, in 1993. Our founders were a small group of enthusiastic humans who had big ideas about childbirth that were not being addressed or explored by the medical healthcare establishment. We are the beneficiaries of their appreciation for normal birth and their dedication to supporting families as they prepare for their own births and postpartum. 

Our Commitment to Equity

The Childbirth Collective recognizes disparities in perinatal health within black, brown, indigenous, Latinx, and LGBTQIA+ communities, throughout the birth continuum. In order to further the closure of these gaps, the Board and the membership of The Childbirth Collective are dedicated to listening to and amplifying the voices of affected communities and supporting those that identify and/or work within those communities. 

 On our journey to becoming a more inclusive, anti-racist organization we are committed to educating our members. We expect our members to learn, grow, and challenge themselves to become allies, accomplices, and advocates in spaces in which they are representing the Collective, and within their own lives and businesses. This includes being open to unpacking bias, recognizing where each has privilege, and how that privilege intersects within different aspects of our identities (race, class, gender, etc).