Join The Childbirth Collective Today!

If you are a local birth professional in the Twin Cities and are seeking community, connection, and support we invite you to join The Childbirth Collective! Membership offers several benefits including professional networking opportunities, continued learning and enrichment as well as access to our online membership forums.  Your continued support and involvement will help us help birthing families.


Membership Levels

Active Members

Active membership includes the following:

  • Profile on the website for parents to search
  • Listing on the CC brochure
  • Invitation to our internal networking website

Active members are required to attend 9 Collective events (or equivalent volunteer hours), participate in 5 Parent Topic Nights, 1 Doula Enrichment, and the annual meeting. Dues are $75 per year, renewable in September of each year.

Associate Members

Associate Members are professionals who cannot commit to the participation requirements of Active membership, but would like to still be a part of the Collective for networking and community. Associate members have no participation requirements, although ALL are welcome at Collective functions (PTNs, enrichments, picnics, annual meeting). Associate members will receive an invitation to our internal networking website. Dues are $50 per year, renewable in September of each year.

How To Join

In order to become a member of the Childbirth Collective, you must first attend at least two Parent Topic Nights, which are held twice each week. You do not need to provide any documentation that you have done so; please just keep track of these yourself. After your two PTNs, we require that you attend an Informational Session, which is held several times each year. Membership will be offered at that time. Click here to fill out contact form.

You do not need to be a member of the Collective to attend Parent Topic Nights or most of our other events. We invite you to attend as many PTNs as you want to meet members and get involved as you wait for the next Informational Session.

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