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If you are a birth professional in the Twin Cities and are seeking community, connection, and support we invite you to join The Childbirth Collective! Membership offers several benefits including professional networking opportunities, continued learning and enrichment as well as access to our online membership forums.  Your continued support and involvement will help us serve birthing families. Beginning in 2021, our structure will be different than in years past:

Teal over light grey square. In the teal part, there is white lettering that says "Structure..." On the grey part there is a large purple circle with the word "member" in it. There are three arrows coming from it, each one pointing to a white and peach circle. The first arrow points to a white circle that says "Monthly Trainings" and a peach circle that says "Educate and Elevate." The second white circle says "Monthly Social" and the second peach circle says "Connect with Members." The third white circle says "Meet the Professional Sessions" and the third peach circle says "Expectant Families."


Discounted Monthly Education

We are bringing our ongoing education to the forefront!

  • A formal submission process for paid speakers/educators will give us the opportunity to provide CEUs for our members and nonmember participants. 
  • We will offer topics that run the spectrum of our communities’ needs and benefit all types of birth professionals and doulas, examples include:
    • Health Equity in perinatal work, implementing anti-bias and anti-racism work into your professional and personal lives
    • Navigating COVID-19 and the unexpected: going virtual with your work, dealing with uncertainty, etc
    • Collaboration and team-building: diffusing difficult situations in the birth room, encouraging team thinking/collaboration in hospital/birth center settings, roles at home births, etc
    • Trauma and mental health: becoming more trauma-informed in your birth work, navigating mental health challenges in clients
  • The cost will be $10 for members and $25 for nonmembers

Monthly Socials

We know you need people…

  • During the pandemic, we will facilitate Zoom hangouts to talk about all things birthy, share stories, ask questions, and connect. We will have breakout rooms when the group gets too large to create easy conversations. 
  • When we can be in person again we will offer social hangouts in a variety of locations and spaces around town. We will try to shift the days/times so that all members have an opportunity to find a social time that works for them.
  • You’ll be invited to join our internal networking group.

Meet the Professionals Events

Reaching clients who are looking for YOU!

  • New Meet the Pros sessions where expectant families can actually MEET you! Each month we will host either by Zoom or in person (when that is possible) sessions where expectant families looking to learn more about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum birth professionals can meet and interact. Topics will include:
    • Meet the Doulas
      • Birth and Postpartum doula members
    • Meet the Lactation Specialists
      • CLC, CLEC, IBCLC members
    • Meet the Midwives
      • Any midwife member
    • Meet the Wellness Support Professionals
      • Chiropractors/Acupuncturists/Massage/Bodyworker members
    • Meet the Childbirth Educators
      • Any member who is a CBE hoping to get varying types (Lamaze, Bradley, Hypno, etc.)
  • All members will have a public profile on our website.

How To Join

Joining the Childbirth Collective is now easier than ever!

  • All members must read our Childbirth Collective Member Handbook
  • All members must have been trained by a professional organization.
  • Click here to join!
  • Membership fee is $100 or free if you are a member of the BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ communities.



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