General Info
Samantha Chadwick
Birthworker Type
Birth Doula
I know that the experiences of pregnancy and birth can be simultaneously amazing and very difficult, and as a doula I want to help families find resources, prepare for labor, and help ensure they have a positive birth experience. I see my role as supporting the birthing person (and the partner or other companions), playing the role desired by and best supportive for the family. For many families that means providing information and resources during pregnancy and preparing for birth, being a good listener and helping the parents discern their own wishes for the birth, and then providing emotional support and physical comfort during and immediately following labor and birth. While I give no medical advice, I can assist the family in getting information to help them prepare, understand, and make choices. I am comfortable in a hands-on, active/physical support role or more hands-off, supportive presence. I see myself as working to create a positive, encouraging, and supportive environment for the family to birth a baby, recognizing that this is an experience that will probably be vividly remembered for the rest of their lives, and it matters how they are treated, supported and believed in.

I believe that birth works – that our bodies are meant to carry and birth babies safely, and in many cases nature works best when a laboring person is comfortable, feels safe and loved, and is allowed to follow the wisdom of their own body without much interference. As a doula I can help facilitate this kind of environment and preparedness for what to expect and how to cope. That said, birth is unpredictable and different for every person and every pregnancy. Just as important for me as a doula is to support the family no matter what comes up, to affirm the choices they makes, to listen and help process what happens, and to help them remember how amazing and strong they were during the birthing time.

Ongoing training and experience including:
DONA International Birth Doula training
Blooma's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Minnesota Birth Center doula internship
Breastfeeding Support for Doulas class
Massage Techniques for Birth workshop
Spinning Babies fetal positioning workshop
Doula Support for Surgical Birth workshop
Abdominal muscles before and after birth workshop
LGBTQ Positive Doula training
Optimal Outcomes in Women's Health conference
Business Name
Sam the Doula
I typically take only 1 or 2 birth clients per month. Contact me to inquire about availability around your estimated due date!
Price Range
$700 - $899
Years of Experience
Certifications Qualifications
DONA (DONA International)
College Education
Solo practice
Specialized Training or Experience
Families conceiving with ART and IVF, VBAC, Home Birth, Clients on bed rest, LGBTQ Families, Prematurity, Postpartum mood disorders, High risk, Cesarean birth, Waterbirth