A Trend not Started by a Man whose Last Name is Sears…

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by Iola  Kostrzewski If you were to run into a mom in the 1800’s she would have probably had a baby on her back. Depending on the climate, the carrier the mom would have been using may have been made out of animal fur or a beautiful piece of fabric that the mom would have woven herself; or perhaps a fellow woman in the community may have given it as a gift. The gift-giver would have known from her own experience with her own children that the new mom would need it while she gathered food, cleaned a hide or just […]

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Babywearing: So Many Benefits!

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by Christina Owen It seems as though the more children I have, the more I learn. Or, the more children I have, the more I need to learn to survive. I never wore my daughter, my oldest. She was fine in the stroller and I didn’t know any better. When my middle child was born, I lived in a very urban area, where I walked and took the bus everywhere. I wore him out of survival, in my homemade stretchy wrap, at least until he was big enough to sit up in a stroller. I knew more, but I still […]

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