Cesarean Awareness: A Doula’s Humble Reflection

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by Erin Stertz-Follett, CLD, LCCE, HBCE   My journey into birth began 10 years ago after the birth of my first nephew, Micah. I wouldn’t fully embrace birth as my calling until many years later, after the birth of my own two girls and the ‘birth’ of the passion inside me to bring services of meaning to pregnant women and their families. I will never forget that moment. After an induction that lasted more than 24 hours, and “arrest of descent” of the baby during pushing, my sister was told that she would need a cesarean section. I watched as […]

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Ask a Doula: How can a doula assist my family during a planned, medically necessary C-Section?

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We are excited for our first “Ask a Doula” post to have responses from not one, but two of our Collective doulas! On the heels of April’s International Cesarean Awareness Month, a mama on our Facebook page asked, “How can a doula assist my family during a planned, medically necessary C-section?”   Women having a necessary surgical birth still have choices for this important day! If you know you’ll be having a surgical birth, interview several providers and find one who can help you have the cesarean birth experience you want.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out this […]

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Cesarean Prevention is for EVERY birthing mother….

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by Chandra Fischer “I never paid any attention to cesareans.”  “I ignored the part about cesareans in our childbirth class because I was planning a natural birth.”  “My care provider told me that he only does a cesarean when the baby is in trouble.”  “I was shocked when I had to have a cesarean.”  “I had no idea that an induction or epidural would increase my chance of cesarean.” “Isn’t a cesarean a better choice if I want to protect my pelvic floor?” Sound familiar?  That’s the echo of thousands of pregnant women bypassing an issue that will, in effect, […]

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