3rd Time’s a Charm: The HBAC Waterbirth of Bryce

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by Robyn Hustrulid Before starting this birth story, I feel the need to mention my 1st and 2nd births.  They are the beginning of my journey and very much effected how I gave birth to my 3rd child.  My first came a couple weeks early with my water breaking in the middle of the night.  I went to the hospital before contractions started and after walking around a bit, they started me on Pitocin.  It took the whole day for contractions to get strong, and after 2 hours of strong contractions, an epidural and a cervical check resulting in little […]

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Birth Story: Emaline’s Home Water Birth under a Blue Moon

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by Kerri Rivers Editor’s Note: All photos in this birth story are from Megan Crown Photography.  Our second pregnancy was accidental. Jason and I had been indecisive for several years about whether and when to have a second child. But we were thrilled when we saw the positive pregnancy test. We knew right away that we wanted to have this baby at home. The hospital birth of our son five years earlier was a lovely and natural water birth but we couldn’t help but feel that it had been unnecessary for us to be in the hospital. So we made […]

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Birth Story: A long labor and a Thanksgiving Homebirth

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by Stacey Plasch I wasn’t expecting labor to start anytime soon, despite being 40 weeks and 5 days. I was actually looking forward to spending Thanksgiving, a mere 3 days away, still pregnant. But labor came creeping up Monday morning, and by that evening we knew it was more than just Braxton-Hicks contractions. What we didn’t expect was that I would still be pregnant on Thanksgiving, if only until noon. Despite knowing that our baby was still ROP, the idea that my labor could stretch for another 60-plus hours hadn’t even crossed our minds. Baby had been stubbornly in the right […]

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Home Birth? Me? No Way!

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by Liz Hochman, CD(DONA), LCCE If you would have asked me, newly pregnant with my first baby at age 27, if I would ever have my baby at home I would have thought you were crazy. I mean, homebirth just isn’t safe! There are no epidurals there! Only hippies and crazies would do that kind of thing! During my first pregnancy I read everything I could get my hands on, and I mean EVERYTHING. My bedside table was 20 books deep at any given moment. Being the type A, analyze-everything, trust-the-data person that I was, I treated preparing for my […]

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