Doulas Make a Difference: Meghan and Julie

by Meghan R.

From the beginning of our pregnancy, I knew I wanted a doula to
support our birth. So, the decision was not “if” we were going to have
a doula, but “who.” Through my yoga community I was recommended
several doula names. Also, I heard about the Childbirth Collective
parent topic sessions through Blooma and had been encouraged to check
out the All About Doulas night. My husband was on board with hiring
a doula but didn’t really understand what a doula would provide so
we decided to attend the Childbirth Collective night to gain a better
understanding (besides hearing it from me). My husband was sold. We
hired a doula team and felt instantly connected and supported.

The doulas we selected offered prenatal home visits to discuss our
pregnancy and birth preferences. The home visits were a nice time to
casually get to know each other and build rapport. Our doulas educated
us on choices that may be presented in the hospital (pain management)
and shared resources to support our pregnancy and journey to

Our doula (Julie Colby) was available as soon as our journey began
and attended our (very long) birth. During this time, she provided
great support for my husband and myself. Because my labor was not
progressing, she helped educate us about our decisions along the way
and feel trusting in the process. This was huge for me. Many things
came into our birth experience that we were not anticipating and
our doula helped us to be OK with our choices and trust the hospital
staff. This positively influenced my labor and delivery because I could
surrender to the process, trust, continue to breathe, and remain calm.
Julie helped remove the fear, doubt, and unknown as it bubbled up
throughout our birth. She always used positive and encouraging words.
She honored the mantras, images, and sounds I chose for our birth.
There was absolutely no judgment and she was instrumental to our
successful vaginal delivery and arrival of our precious son, Nolan.

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